Australia today signed its first bilateral Memorandum of Understanding with Vietnam under Australia’s Agricultural Visa program.

Vietnam’s participation in the program strengthens and expands the already rich cultural ties between our two countries. For decades, Vietnamese workers, students, businessmen and tourists have contributed extensively to Australia. The Australian Government looks forward to the continuation of the program.

Vietnam’s early participation in Australia’s Agricultural Visa program demonstrates the Morrison Government’s commitment to deepening cooperation within the Australia-Vietnam Strategic Partnership. This is an important step in the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Strategy launched by our two Prime Ministers on 1 November 2021.

Australia and Vietnam have a strong and optimistic agenda. Bilaterally bound by the warm bonds of friendship and family across all levels of society, government and business. This step reflects what can happen when we work together.

The Australian Agriculture Visa Program aims to make a sustainable, long-term contribution to the Australian workforce, supporting Australia’s agricultural and primary sectors. It complements the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme, which remains the backbone of addressing agricultural labour shortages in essential industrial sectors and a key solution to the current harvest.

Under the Australian Agricultural Visa Program, recruiters work in a range of agricultural sectors, including horticulture, dairy, wool, grains, fisheries and forestry, including support services and primary processing.

Labor cooperation helps Vietnamese workers come to work not only with good income, guaranteed working conditions but also an opportunity to learn advanced knowledge, skills, science and technology. At the same time, it meets Australia’s demand for human resources, bringing benefits to both countries.

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