The Netherlands is a developed country with a strong economy and diverse industry. In particular, the construction and mechanical engineering sectors play an important role, and the supply of high-quality labor contributes significantly to the development of this industry. In particular, supplying Vietnamese labor for the Welder industry is an attractive opportunity for Dutch businesses. Why is that? Let’s find out the answer through the article below.

Welding is one of the important industries in the Netherlands, especially in construction and mechanical engineering. With the growth of construction projects and the need for production and maintenance in the mechanical industry, the need for highly specialized and technical labor is increasing. This is an area where Vietnamese labor supply has been proven to have high quality and performance.

In recent years, Vietnamese labor supply has been an attractive choice for the Dutch welding industry. The reason is said to be because:

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High quality labor

Vietnam has a long history of training and developing human resources in the Welder industry. Vietnamese workers are trained with in-depth professional knowledge according to international standards such as EN 287-1, AWS D1.1, ASME IX, ISO 9606, practical skills and the ability to work in harsh environment. This helps ensure that Dutch businesses can receive quality and reliable manpower to carry out projects and jobs in the Welding industry.

Flexibility and adaptability

Vietnamese workers have flexibility and good adaptability in new working environments. They have the ability to learn quickly, grasp new technology, and adapt to different work styles and workflows. This is important in the Welder industry, where the job may require the ability to quickly adapt to different types of welding and require high precision.

Price competitiveness

Supplying Vietnamese labor to the Welder industry in the Netherlands also brings economic benefits. With competitive wages and relatively low training costs compared to some other countries, Dutch businesses can save on labor costs while still ensuring the quality and performance of the work.

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To take advantage of the opportunities and benefits of Vietnamese labor supply for the Welder industry in the Netherlands, businesses can look to Vietnam Manpower Supplier – a unit specializing in supplying high quality labor. Vietnam Manpower Supplier has experience and reputation in providing Vietnamese labor to countries around the world, including the Netherlands. With a strict selection process and a team of experienced experts, Vietnam Manpower is committed to bringing quality and reliable workers to businesses in the Netherlands.

In short, supplying Vietnamese labor to the Welder industry in the Netherlands brings significant opportunities and benefits to businesses. From high quality labor to adaptability and price competitiveness, Vietnamese labor supply is an effective solution to meet human resource needs in the Welder industry in the Netherlands. With the support of reputable partners like Vietnam Manpower, businesses can confidently expand their business operations and achieve efficiency as planned. Contact HOTLINE (+84) 982.03.03.66 or EMAIL address: to receive advice from experts!


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