The labor market in Canada is facing a serious problem – a shortage of workers. According to a report by the Economic Forecasting Council of Canada, Canada’s labor participation rate will decrease from 64.9% in 2020 to 61.4% in 2030 due to an aging population.

To solve this problem, Canada is looking for an external solution to supply high-quality human resources. In particular, Vietnam is one of Canada’s potential partners in labor supp

Vietnamese International Workers

It is not difficult to see why Vietnam has become a leading partner when Canada seeks international resources. Vietnam’s labor supply service brings many outstanding advantages such as:


One of the first benefits of supplying Vietnamese labor to Canada is the reasonable cost. Compared to many other countries, the price of labor supply in Vietnam is very affordable and reasonable. This helps reduce costs for businesses in Canada and increases their competitiveness in the market.

Highly qualified human resources

Vietnam has had a well-developed education and training of highly specialized human resources for many years. Human resources from Vietnam are trained with the necessary professional skills and have the ability to adapt to new jobs. They are often trained in a dynamic environment and can meet the rigorous requirements of companies in Canada.

Vietnamese workers are trained with many necessary skills for many different occupations, especially in the fields of industry, construction, and agriculture. They have the spirit of hard work, progress and creativity. In particular, Vietnamese workers always value integrity and respect for the factory and colleagues. This is very important for foreign companies, as it helps to create a positive and healthy working environment, thereby reducing the risks of improper behavior such as theft, fraud, and adverse effect on product quality.

Vietnamese International Workers – Canada Employers’ Choice

Fast delivery time

For businesses looking for new hires, timing is critical. Vietnam is able to quickly respond to Canada’s labor supply requirements thanks to its abundant labor force, professional selection process and ready workforce.

Thus, supplying high-quality Vietnamese labor has become a top choice for businesses in Canada looking for human resources that meet the requirements of professional skills, experience and capacity. Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of reputable human resource suppliers such as Vietnam Manpower Supplier, businesses in Canada can easily find high-quality human resources to meet their business needs.


With experience and reputation in the field of labor supply, Vietnam Manpower Supplier is a reliable partner for businesses in Canada. With the motto “Quality first”, we are committed to providing high-quality human resources to meet the strict requirements of customers. Moreover, we are also committed to ensuring the rights of workers, creating the best conditions for them to develop and contribute to the development of businesses in Canada.

In the future, labor supply will continue to be a thriving sector in Vietnam, which helps businesses meet the growing needs of international businesses.

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