In September, 2019, representatives of SC EUROMOBILA SRL from Romania came for visit our Vietnam Manpower © – VXT GROUP. This time, they visited our company as well as our VXT Training Center before signing collaboration contract. We had table meeting to discuss about the demand of 30 skilled workers for their sofa manufacturing company ( SC EUROMOBILA PROD SRL) : Welder, Carpenter, Upholsterer and Industrial Sewer included.

SC Euromobila Prod SRL is the well – known firm operating in manufacturing and providing interior and furniture related products to supply all around EU Countries.

After SC Euromobila Prod Srl ‘s representatives came back to Romania, they delegated VIETNAM MANPOWER © for recruiting and choosing the best candidates for 4 following positions: Welder, Carpenter, Upholsterer and Industrial Sewer. All candidates must take the technical trade test monitored by VIETNAM MANPOWER ©.  All the procedure of the trade test would be videotaped, uploaded to the internet by our IT Department, then send links for the employer’s final selection. Two sides mutually agreed to follow the step of selection: Welder à Carpenter à Sewer à Upholsterer.

Welder: (5)

There are 10 candidates taking the trade test for welder to choose the best 5 welders. All of them acquired highly technical skills that they experienced during the time of working overseas before.  All welders had to accomplish the 3G welding work piece as required.

Carpenter: (8)

The task all candidates had to carry out is to make the wood chair like normal sofa chair. All of them had to take the measure, do the necessary cutting and nailing to form the chair with the required dimension


Industrial Sewer: (10)

All the sewers had to form the leather cover with the dimension according to the chair that carpenters have accomplished before. They need to cut all the work piece skillfully so that the leather cover will fit the chair so well.

Upholster: (7)

The last step to manufacture the sofa chair is upholstering.  The upholsterer used the sewer and carpenter’s products to make the task accomplished as soon as possible.  The employers will charge those candidates by their speed as well as the working manners during the trade test.

After 20 workers being chosen by the HR Director of SC Euromobila Prod Srl, our Vietnam Manpower ©’s Document Control Dept shall cooperate with HR Department of SC Euromobila Prod Srl to acquire the soonest work visa for all workers. They felt very happy & comfortable to have chance of working for such a professional enterprise like SC Euromobila Prod Srl.

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