After the end of July 28, 2019, the owner of the JWSTEEL CONSTRUCTION Poland Company – EU has selected 40 3G welders (PF) and 20 pipe assemblers, all workers have been medically examined by VXT MANPOWER Group. After all the workers were passed for health check, VXT MANPOWER Group has instructed the paperwork for employees who are eligible for JWSTEEL CONSTRUCTION POLAND – EU ​​Company to apply for Work Permit for employees within 45 days.

While waiting for a Work Permit to be issued, workers are re-trained by VXT MANPOWER Group to provide vocational skills, oriented to understand more about the people, law and culture of Poland – EU. VXT MANPOWER Group wishes to provide the best human resources for 3G Welders – (PF), pipe fitter and structural workers who have just reached the level of workmanship and industrial awareness.

After obtaining a work permit, JWSTEEL CONSTRUCTION Company has sent the necessary paperworks for VXT MANPOWER Group to submit to the Viet Nam Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs as well as the Polish Embassy to ensure the rights of workers as well as the law of the two countries.

Visa Polish image of employee Nguyen Thanh Tung after 5 months of procedure
Visa image of workers coming to work in Poland
The happiness of workers when they receive a Visa to work in Poland – EU through Manpower Supply Service of VXT MANPOWER Group
Group of workers prepared to fly on January 26, 2020 to work in Poland


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