According to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam ( MOLISA), there are 68,377  workers to work in Japan, the second position belongs to Taiwan with 60,396 employees in 2019.Japan has exceeded Taiwan as the No. 1 attractive market for Vietnamese workers. The reasons why workers like to come to Japan are the professional studying and working environment, political stability, high income, workers’ benefits are safely ensured in accordance with the employment contract.

Image: The first-day enrollment of student in VXT College

Japan, the fourth-largest economy in the world, is one of the first Asian countries to become an industrialized country so many large corporations and global brands in Japan would create a lot of jobs for workers. In contrast, the Japanese population has an aging rate of 25.1. Japan is a super-old society so there is a shortage of a young and skilled labor force. OTIT’s representative from Japan has approved for 77 industries for Vietnamese workers to work, including 7 main groups such as : Agriculture,  Fisheries,  Construction,  Food Processing,  Textiles,  Mechanics and Metals,  Other Professions. In early 2020, thousands of students recruited by the human resources group ( VXT Manpower)  enrolled at the VXT College to train language, physical training as well as industrial manners for workers to get ready to come to work for enterprises, companies and factories in Japan.

Students’ study time at VXT College
Students’ physical training time at VXT College
Students’ physical training time at VXT College
Students learning Japanese at the dormitory of VXT College

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