Deputy Director of the Department of Overseas Labor Administration (Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs) Nguyen Gia Liem recommends that workers working abroad through unofficial channels are likely to become victims of the accident, human trafficking, forced labor but not recognized and protected by the laws of the host country.

How to work abroad ?

Mr. Nguyen Gia Liem said that according to Vietnamese law, currently workers can go abroad to work in four forms: Through a licensed service provider sending workers to work in another country; through a non-business organization to send workers to work abroad such as the Overseas Labor Center under the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to send workers to work in Korea under the EPS Program; To Japan according to the cooperation program with IM Japan, or studying and working in Germany;Through enterprises sending laborers of workers abroad to work under projects on contracts, work assignments, offshore investment or sending internships to improve their skills; and workers working abroad under individual contracts

In addition, there have been more forms for workers working abroad through agreements between the localities of Vietnam and foreign localities recently, mainly laborers working temporarily in the agricultural sector in Korea with short term (3 months), …

Vietnamese worker are departed to Korea

In the aforementioned forms of working abroad, for the European market, it mainly comes through service enterprises and individual contracts.

With regard to the form of service enterprises, after enterprises sign contracts with foreign parties, they will carry out procedures for contract registration with the Department of Overseas Labor Management, if the contract is approved by the Department of Labor Administration. If approved by foreign countries, enterprises will organize to select, train and foster necessary knowledge for laborers and send them to work abroad under contracts …

For workers working abroad under individual contracts, workers must negotiate and sign labor contracts with employers abroad and carry out procedures for contract registration with the Department of Labor – Invalids and Local Society – where employees reside. The registration and approval of the regulator will ensure the state management in this field; At the same time, employees can determine the legality of contracts to work abroad, ensuring the benefits and regimes of workers working abroad.

Illegal migration: Risk and danger

According to leaders of the Department of Overseas Labor Management, the European market, especially Eastern European countries,This is regional to the Vietnamese community who have lived, studied and worked for decades. However, this is also a rather difficult labor market, with strict requirements for entry procedures to work (skills, skills, qualifications, foreign languages ​​…).

Recently, due to stable economic development, some European countries lack manpower in some fields so there is a need to receive Vietnamese workers to work. Service enterprises have been implementing contracts to send workers to work in some European countries with about 6,000 people, mainly in countries such as Romania, Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia. … with an average income of about US $ 500 – 1,000, depending on the industry, the work the employee does. Besides, some Vietnamese people travel to other countries on individual forms to work, do business …

Vietnamese worker are departed to Korea
Vietnamese worker are departed to Korea

However, due to the limited number of these countries’ employment, while there are many workers wishing to work, in addition, workers do not meet the occupational standards and foreign language, psychology want to go fast … so many have listened to the enticement, or the untruthful information of organizations and individuals brokerage and fraud; Unforeseen risks and dangers that may occur during the illegal migration process.

“Putting workers abroad to work is a proper policy. The workers working abroad with the desire to have a higher income, have the opportunity to learn, improve their qualifications. However, workers need to be aware that working abroad must comply with the laws of Vietnam and the host country to be protected by law. It is safe to go to work by the legal way, “Mr. Nguyen Gia Liem emphasized.

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