Vietnam Manpower Supply is a welder human resources trainer according to international standards. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of training and supplying welder human resources for large contractors in oil refinery projects, gas station projects, wharf construction, shipyards, and pre-owned steel manufacturers. Vietnam Manpower has provided 10,000 welders to work around the world.

  1. Professional training knowledge and skills

Supply of welder manpower

     2. Experience in supplying welder human resources to work globally

3. Welder Certificate

International welder certification

   4. Skills in reading drawings of welding process symbols

5. Labor Safety When Working

6. Ability to work in groups

7. Autonomy in work and creativity

Vietnam Manpower Supply is the leading Vietnamese manpower supplier to work around the world with the number of workers we have supplied to work around the world is nearly 32,000 people. Vietnam Manpower Supply is looking forward to cooperating in providing labor and finding labor for companies around the world

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